Complimentary shipping on all orders. All coasters are painted to order. Please allow 10 business days for processing.


How do I care for my coasters?

To be cleaned, simply wipe with a damp cloth; the coasters are not dishwasher safe. Do not get the cork wet. Please be aware that exposure to coffee and wine may cause staining on the stone.

Be gentle in handling the coasters as they are hand made. Rough scratching of glasses and cans can wear off the paint and sealant. Also, do not keep the coasters in close proximity to oil or grease as they can dissolve the finish. 

Can these coasters be used outside?

No, these coasters are not intended for outdoor, patio or screened in porch use. These coasters are for indoor, climate controlled spaces only. 

Does the paint fade or transfer?

Each coaster is sealed multiple times to ensure the painting will not fade or transfer as long as the care instructions are followed. 

How are the coasters packaged for shipment?

Each coaster is individually bubble wrapped to ensure they will arrive safely. The packages are sent priority through USPS. In the off chance that a coaster does arrive broken, please email us a picture of the coaster for insurance purposes, and we will immediately send a replacement. 

How do I know what my tumbled stone will look like?

We use a tumbled marble stone and hand select each stone to ensure there aren't major imperfections. Tumbled marble can range in color from cream to tan with different veining, spotting and pits. The edges are naturally tumbled, which created a more rustic look. Each stone is individually unique, which makes each Lace, Grace and Peonies coaster set that much more special.  

Can I get a coaster offered only painted without paint?

Of course! Just shoot us an email at with your request!

After placing an order, how quickly will I receive my order?

Orders will be shipped 10 business days after being received. 

I am purchasing the coaster set as a gift, can you include a gift message?

Absolutely! We think our coaster sets make excellent gifts so we are more than willing to insert a  message in the package. 

Do you sell your coasters on any other platform?

Yes! We also sell on Etsy.

Do you create the stamp designs?

We have created some of the stamp designs used on our coasters and we use stamps from varying stamp companies for our designs. We comply with all Angel Policies for each specific stamp manufacturer. If you would like information on where a specific stamp or designs is from, we would be more than happy to provide that information.