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First Blog Post

Hello all of my wonderful friends, 


For some reason, writing a blog post is much more intimidating than introducing my coaster designs to the world. I haven't blogged since Livejournal was a thing. Remember that? No? Just me? Okay... Ha. 


Let me start by telling you a little bit more about myself. I am a twenty-something living in the land of heat and sunshine, Tempe, AZ. I am an urban planner, city planner, planner, whatever makes the most sense to you- it's what I do for a living. In my free time you can usually find me at an antique store, Homegoods or Target. Since I was little, I have always loved decorating and finding unique items. My standard weekend usually involves more home projects than time. 


Lace, Grace & Peonies began out of a need for something more. I have always been a creative person and haven't had a great outlet to express it. I was going through a somewhat rough patch in life and found that creating the coasters actually soothed my anxiety. I get a sense of joy out of creating each piece knowing it is going into someone's home. To me, there is no greater honor than having someone choose something that I made to place in their home. Each coaster is truly made with love.


That is a little bit about myself. I will try to update this blog frequently. If you would like a more "insider's view" into my life, please follow me at @lacegraceandpeonies on Instagram. 


Thank you all for your love and support!


xoxo Kaelee 

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